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Truck (Desktop) 7.0.0 Release Documentation
Truck (Desktop) 7.0.0 Release Documentation

What's new in the Summer, 2023 release of our Desktop Software

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Calling all users of Pioneer Desktop: we have a new release for you. "Click to Update" today.

What's New?

NEW and Updated Truck Software features:

see details farther down the page

Video summary of the new features

How do I update?

Look for this "Click to update" icon in the lower-left above your initials/avatar. Click it, and a download will begin in the background. Once it's complete it will prompt for a restart and will carry over your existing inspections and settings.

Details on the New Features

Searching & Column Options

The PIONEER Truck Software now has more robust searching capabilities.

This search bar at the top of the Field Inspections page can be used to search through any of the enabled columns in the inspection table.

Adding Columns

To get the most out of the search feature and to customize the Field Inspections table you can adjust the visible column headers.

Select the gear icon directly above all of the play buttons on the right hand side and a search library of all of the NASSCO Header fields will appear:

Use the check-boxes to the left to turn on/off different column headers

Starting Inspections from “Upload Pending” (Header Data Only) Rows on the Web

Start recording inspections quicker than ever while reducing the risk of mistyped NASSCO Information.

Note: This workflow will require an internet connection.

Navigate to the “Inspections” tab from the PIONEER Truck Software.

Filter Status by “Upload Pending” and navigate to the “Project (PIONEER)” that you are working on.

Upload pending rows will have a red record button to the right of the row

Clicking this button will create a new local inspection, copying over all existing Header information.

Now proceed with filling in your remaining NASSCO information and recording as usual.

Downloading Header Data for Offline Use - alternative workflow

If you plan to record inspections without an internet connection, you can download multiple “Upload Pending” rows so they are available to you once you are out in the field without a connection.

Use the checkbox to the left of the inspections you would like to access without a connection.

Press the “Download Inspections Locally” button that looks like this:

They will now be ready for you to access in the “Field Inspections” tab to access when you are in the field.

How to Pre-Create “Upload Pending” Rows in PIONEER

If you would like to utilize this workflow with your field crew, you will need to pre-populate the header information for them.

  1. Import a NASSCO MDB (MS Access) without any videos attached to a project

  2. Coming soon: In the next few weeks, SewerAI will be releasing a simple CSV import tool that will allow you to quickly pre-populate header data.

New Project Structure

Truck inspections will now be housed inside of Projects.

This prevents confusion regarding where Synced data should end up and allows for custom specifications, including file naming conventions and required fields, on a project-by-project basis, ensuring that all project requirements are met before they sync to the cloud.

Projects are Assigned when Creating Inspection

Now when creating an inspection, it will automatically be assigned to the most recent project you were working on. This will be displayed at the top of the inspection capture page.

If you need to change the project, select the edit pen to the right of the project name and the project-selection dropdown will appear:

Inspections can be assigned (or re-assigned) on the field inspections page

To assign inspection(s) to a project, use the check box to the left of your inspections to select:

Press the “Assign to Project” button, and a dropdown menu will appear:

All of the available projects in the account will populate in the list.

*If you belong to multiple accounts, first select the account and then the project.*

Press “Assign”, and the project will be reflected in the “Project Name (Pioneer)” column

If you accidentally assign an inspection to the incorrect project, you can change the project that it is in using the same process.

All inspections will need to be assigned to a project prior to syncing.

Syncing will be blocked for inspections that do not belong to a project. Note in the picture below how the "Sync To Cloud" button is greyed out.

Project Specifications on the Truck

Confirming inspections are in the correct project ensures all project specifications will be met, starting with the point of capture.

For example, this project has a Spec associated that requires the word “LEGACY” in its file naming, and Pipe Segment Reference (a non-NASSCO Required Field) is a required field.

Setting Your Spec

Project Specifications Available:

  • Video File Names

  • Additional Required Fields

  • Custom Fields 1-10

For assistance with customizing your Specs, contact SewerAI Customer Support via chat or [email protected]

A note about changing Projects and required fields

NOTE: Changing the project your inspection belongs to after filling in the header information may make additional fields required and will block you from syncing to the cloud.

For example, switching this project that appears to have no issues

Is now being blocked due to the newly required fields:

It is best practice to make sure you are recording in the correct project to ensure all required fields are filled.

Subtitle (Deferred) Overlay

It is now possible to record an inspection without burned overlay in the PIONEER Truck Software. This feature allows you to not worry about burning incorrect header information into your videos, as well as help meet detailed custom overlay requirements upon download from the PIONEER Browser Software.

Instead, we record all video meta information into the Subtitle Track of the video, and you can then configure your overlay in Pioneer Web and during Download.

Activating Deferred Overlay

To turn on “Deferred Overlays”, navigate to the “Truck Settings in the bottom left corner of the navigation pane:

Under “Video Settings” change “Deferred Overlay?” to “Yes”

Make sure you “Save Settings” (found below “Connection Settings” to ensure all changes take effect.

Now, when recording an inspection, there will be no splash screen, and a banner will notify you that “Deferred Overlay” is on and the on-screen text is being saved in the subtitle track for display in Pioneer.

Viewing an Overlay in Pioneer Web

Once the inspection is Synced to the Cloud, you can view a video overlay that is taken from the live header data and observations. If changes are made, the overlay changes - amazing .

You can contact SewerAI support to have a specific overlay template configured on your project spec. Or...

Simply click the "Gear" icon above the video playback window on Pioneer Web, and choose an overlay template. This template will stay on for the next videos you view in the same Project.

Adding an Overlay During Download / Export

If you (or your customer) decides to ultimately download the data off the cloud, burned overlays can be added during export.

The SewerAI download window has always had the ability to add text and audio annotations. If your project Spec has a template assigned, we will use that, else we will apply the PIONEER default. Or you can choose your own option.

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