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Syncing Truck (Field) Inspections from the Office
Syncing Truck (Field) Inspections from the Office

Lacking Internet in the field or tightly managing QC? Here's how a data manager can upload your Pioneer on-truck inspections

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Typically, we encourage customers to have field operators "sync" to the cloud right from the on-truck computer. This can be daily, weekly or periodically and can be done with Ethernet to the truck, Wi-Fi, a phone tether, hotspot or cell modem. Learn more here.

But sometimes you just don't have adequate Internet access in the field, or you are on a project where you want a data manager consolidating inspections in the office.

Here's how you get field data off the truck and into the office (and from there to the Pioneer cloud)

1. Get the Desktop App

Both computers (truck and office) will need the Pioneer desktop application installed. Download it here.

2. Locate the Truck's Inspections Folder

  • This will be wherever you chose to store the Pioneer inspections on the hard drive during setup

  • If you know the location, just navigate there in Windows Explorer

  • It can also be retrieved from Truck Settings in the lower left of Pioneer; scroll down to "Inspection Folder" and click "Set local inspection folder" to see the folder path

3. Locate the Inspection Folders in Windows Explorer

  • Navigate to the local Inspections folder

  • You will see 1 folder for each inspection televised, labeled with a date and time

    • Each folder contains a video and some supporting data in 1 or 2 text files

4. Copy the Needed Folders to your Removable Media

  • Select whichever inspection folders you need (Ctrl+Click to selectively choose, or select all you need)

  • Copy the folders you need (Ctrl+C or right click or using the toolbar)

  • Paste the contents onto your flash drive or other removable media

5. Back in the Office - Re-Copy the Folders to a Local Folder

  • Open the Pioneer desktop application on your office computer

  • Do the previous operation in reverse - copy and paste your inspection folders to a directory on your office hard drive

  • If your Pioneer Desktop App is already set up, simply paste the folders inside the folder that holds all your previous inspections

  • If your Pioneer Desktop App is not yet set up, paste the inspections in a new folder you make anywhere on the hard drive

    • Then point the "Truck Settings" > "Inspections Folder" (same as Step 2 above) at that folder

6. Pioneer Automatically Detects the New Inspections

  • In a few seconds, Pioneer will scan that folder and find the newly transferred inspections

  • They will appear in your "Field Inspections" section

7. Sync to Cloud

  • Once you have reviewed the data - and corrected any NASSCO issues - you can Sync to the cloud

    • We require field inspections to include all NASSCO required header fields, an initial access point, an MWL at 0.0, and a closing access point, before upload

  • Check the inspections you want to upload and click "Sync to Cloud" in the top right

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