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Inspection Review

This guide covers the basics of the Inspection Review Page

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Note: This guide was created using an example inspection that has been processed by SewerAI AutoCode. If self labeling inspections please wait for videos to be in "Uploaded" status prior to labeling in the "Inspection Review" page.

Sections in this article:

  • Opening the Inspection Review Page

  • Inspection Review Page Overview

    • Layout Basics

    • Top Menu Bar and Inspection Information

    • Header - Inspection Info

    • Video Playback

    • Snapshots

    • Observations

    • Review Tasks

    • Ratings

  • Support Contact Information

Opening the Inspection Review Page

Double click on or click the blue arrow located on the right of any inspection that has a status of "AutoCode Complete" or "Uploaded" (if processing the inspection inhouse without the aid of the AutoCode feature).

Inspection Review Page Overview

Layout Basics

Each section can be turned off or on to allow for customized work areas. To turn off a section, click on the "X" located in the upper right corner.

Use the tall skinny menu located on the upper right of the screen to turn sections on.

Each section can be resized by clicking and dragging the the lower right corner. The sections can also be rearranged by clicking on and dragging the section around by the top black title bar.

Any section that has a square with an arrow pointing to the upper right can be popped out and moved independently. This is useful when utilizing two or more screens.

Top Menu Bar and Inspection Information

On the left side of the top menu and inspection information container of the "Inspection Review" page (in order from left to right):

  • Back Arrow: Returns to the "Inspections" overview page

  • Digital Submittal Status: Shows the status of this inspection for "Digital Submittal". In the example below the green check mark icon shows that the submittal has been accepted. A clock will display if a submittal is pending.

  • Pioneer Status: The inspection status in Pioneer. In this example the status is "AutoCode Complete".

  • Type of Inspection: PACP Mainline, LACP Lateral, MACP Manhole, or OpenSewer Mainline.

  • Project Name: Example shown is "new project 020322".

On the right side of the top menu and inspection information container (in order from left to right):

  • Reviewed Status: Optional workflow feature for internal processes. If utilizing this feature clicking on "Mark Reviewed" will change the status to "Reviewed".

  • Inspection Number: The sequential number of the inspection in the list from the "Inspections" overview page. This allows for the ability to move to a different inspection without returning to the overview page.

  • Focus Mode: Full Screen Mode (icon looks like a sun). Keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Shift+F activates focus mode and ESC returns to normal view.

  • Download PDF and Archive: Options that can be access from the vertical three dot icon.

  • Notifications: Subscribes to Pioneer notifications (bell icon).

  • Submit Feature Requests: Links to the SewerAI Pioneer feature request page (lightening bolt icon).

  • Latest Updates: Short posts about new and improved features (present icon).

  • Help Articles: Links to all step-by-step guides available for Pioneer.

  • m/ft: Toggles from Meters to Feet (measure of unit that is used in the country where the inspection has been completed).

Header - Inspection Info

The "Header - Inspection Info" section is where the details of an inspection are entered. Checking the box next to Only NASSCO Issues will display only those required fields if you are entering this information inhouse. Additional fields may be required depending on your organization's requirements.

Video Playback

The video playback section has typical playback functions with a few bonus features.

  1. Move video back or forward by one second - Keyboard shortcuts: Ctrl+Shift+Left Arrow or Ctrl+Shift+Right Arrow

  2. Move video back or forward by one frame - Keyboard shortcut: Ctrl+Left Arrow or Ctrl+Right Arrow

  3. Change the playback speed

  4. Make video full screen

  5. Create a shareable link of the video at the current timestamp on screen for collaboration with other Pioneer users

  6. Download video


Shows snapshots taken from the video with the observation code in upper right. Clicking on a snapshot will take the video to the timestamp of the snapshot as well as highlight the corresponding line item in the "Observations" section.


The "Observations" section contains the individual NASSCO observation line item for each defect found in the inspection.

Hovering over a code in a supported browser (Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome) will display the full name of the defect code.

To add an observation click on the icon that is a circle with a plus symbol in the upper right of the "Observations" section.

Pioneer will indicate if there are any NASSCO issues that need to be resolved in this section with two indicators:

  • The first indicator is located in the upper right of the "Observations" section in red. Hovering over this message will display each time stamp and type issue that need to be resolved.

  • The second type of indicator are small red donuts that are located next to the fields that correspond to the NASSCO issues listed in the upper right corner of the "Observations" section.

Review Tasks

Review tasks is a newer feature that was developed to support collaboration. This section is activated by clicking on the exclamation point in a circle icon located on the tall skinny menu in the upper right of the "Inspection Review" screen.

The "Review Tasks" section will appear on the screen for utilization. There is a separate comprehensive guide that covers all things Review Task related can be accessed by clicking on this link.


The "Ratings" section shows the NASSCO Ratings in a quick blocked layout summary. This section is turned off by default. To activate "Ratings" click on the bar chart icon located on the tall skinny menu in the upper right of the "Inspection Review" screen.

Questions? Reach out to us today through the chat feature located in the lower right of Pioneer or email us at [email protected].

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