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Using Review Tasks (aka Comments)
Using Review Tasks (aka Comments)

Review Tasks is a feature to support collaboration on inspections

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One of Pioneer's newest features is Review Tasks, which was launched to support collaboration on inspections.

Sections in this article:

  • What is a Review Task?

  • Viewing All Open Tasks

  • The Review Task Page

  • Task Status

  • Seeing Review Tasks Within a Single Inspection

  • Adding a New Task

  • Adding a Comment to a Task

  • Tagging Observations and People

  • Notifications

What is a Review Task?

A review task is anything that demands attention on an inspection -- like a note for yourself, a colleague, a future reviewer taking action on the asset, or for the SewerAI team.

We think of a "Review Task" as being actionable, thus its name three possble states: Open, Pass or Fail.

Viewing All Open Tasks

Click on the Review Tasks menu options located on the upper left-hand navigation of the Pioneer window. If you do not see this menu, you may need to expand it by clicking on the blue circle with arrow that is located next to the Pioneer logo as shown in the screenshot below (currently in expanded view).

The Review Tasks window has the same filters that are available on the main Inspections dashboard to assist with locating specific inspections or inspection criteria.

You are also able to filter for Review Tasks you created, or those assigned to you, as well as filter by status -- Open, Passed or Failed.

The Review Task Page

Each task displays the title, number of days since the issue was created, the original creator, and identifying inspection information. On the right side of each task you will see a "Resolve" button or a red X in a circle of the task is still active. These close the task as resolved or unresolved but no further action is being taken. If the task is closed an option to Re-Open the task is displayed.

Clicking on the Issue row will expand the window to display any comments that have been logged on the task.

Clicking on the magnifying glass located on the right of the task will launch the associated inspection in Pioneer.

Task Status

Review Tasks begin as Open and are indicated as such with a yellow badge that is an exclamation point in a circle.

  • Clicking on Resolve indicates that the task was successfully reviewed and resolved. This is indicated with a green check mark badge.

  • If the task is unable to be resolved it can still be closed out as unresolved with no further action by clicking on the red X in circle. An unresolved task may be something such as a video that did not pass QC or a point repair candidate where a decision has been reached.

Any task can be re-opened at any time by clicking on the "Re-Open" button.

Note: If your company utilizes the "Reviewed button" in your workflow, you can not mark an inspection as reviewed until all tasks have been resolved.

Seeing Review Tasks Within a Single Inspection

To open the tasks inside the Inspection, click on the circle with exclamation point icon located on the tall skinny menu on the right upper portion of the screen.

A "Review Tasks box will appear that can be dragged, resized or expanded.

Adding a New Task

To add a new task, simply fill in the task name in the space provided and click the check mark.

If there are previously existing tasks, click the " + " sign to add an additional task.

Adding a Comment to a Task

To add a comment to a task click on the task to expand the task details. Next click on the blue "+" symbol under the task name to add the comment. If a task already has comments the "+" icon will be located under that last comment.

We do not currently allow you to edit Task titles or Comments after they are saved. This is to keep an accurate record of dialogue and changes made.

Once the comment has been completed simply click on the save button located in the lower right of the window

Tagging Observations and People

You can use the following tagging features in the Comments section:

Tagging an Observation

To tag an observation / condition use the "#" symbol to annotate and link to an Observation (aka condition or defect). A popup menu will appear after typing "#" that has a list of all observations documented for the inspection.

Tagging Another Pioneer User

To tag another Pioneer user in your organization or SewerAI support staff use the "@" symbol. After typing "@" a dropdown menu will appear listing all users in the account.

  • Using "@[email protected]" tags SewerAI support and conditional assessment teams

  • Using "@all" will tag everyone on your Pioneer account

Anyone who is tagged in a comment will get an email notification and also able to filter for tasks they were included on the Review Tasks screen that was shown at the beginning of this guide.


Email notifications regarding new tasks or comments are currently sent to tagged team members and all users on your account who are an Admin or Editor/Inspector level.

Questions? Reach out to us today through the chat feature located in the lower right of Pioneer or email us at [email protected].

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