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Guide: Review and Accept a Digital Submittal
Guide: Review and Accept a Digital Submittal

So your inspection provider invites you to review a submittal in Pioneer

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Were you just invited to review a "Digital Submittal" in Pioneer by SewerAI? Welcome!

We know it can be intimidating to use new software. So let us walk you through it. If you have any questions, contact us at [email protected]

Your Core Steps

These are the basic steps to manage a digital submittal:

  1. Sign in to PIONEER

  2. Review the data and stream the videos on the Web - using the "Inspections" page

  3. Accept the submittal

  4. Save the submittal into your own account

  5. Stream the videos whenever you want

  6. Download whatever contents you need

What is a Digital Submittal?

A digital submittal is a newfangled way of doing an old-fashioned thing: submitting and receiving wastewater inspection data from the organization that ran the inspection (e.g. contractor, engineering firm) to the end customer (e.g. municipality)

Why did I get this message?

Someone who is the data holder of a set of inspections in Pioneer thought you were the right person (or one of a group of people) to take possession of that data.

The Submittal Review Email

Every potential approver will get an email notifying them that a submittal was created with their name on it.

Logging In

If you already have a Pioneer login, simply log in and go to the submittals page and skip ahead

If you are new to Pioneer...

You will first land on the log in page. You will need to click "Sign Up"

At this point, you can enter an email and strong password, or use your Google account if your organization uses G-suite.

Verify Your Email

If you use email and password you will see this

Please check your email inbox (including Spam) for the verification email

Sender: SewerAI <[email protected]>
Subject: Verify Your Email for Pioneerᵀᴹ by SewerAI

Once you verify your email you will need to manually return to the submittals page by clicking the link

or via the left-hand navigation

What You See on the Submittals Page

The Submittals page has two tabs or sections

  1. Submittals that need your acceptance

  2. Submittals you created

Use the "magnifying glass" icon to drill into individual inspections on the set.

Access Individual Inspections

The magnifying glass takes you to a list of inspections.

From that list, double-click a row or use the triangular "Play" button on the right to watch the video for a single inspection.

Review Individual Inspections

On the single inspection page, you can watch the video, see snapshots, jump to conditions, and access Ratings.

Watch this video for a more detailed explanation of everything on the inspection review page.

Create Review Tasks as Needed

If you need to leave a message for those who provided the data, you can use the "Review Tasks" module. Learn more about Review Tasks here.

Accept the Submittal

Back on the submittals page click the big Thumbs Up "Accept" button when you are ready.

Note: this registers acceptance of the whole submittal. not individual inspections.

Coming soon: we will empower you to invite other individuals to review or accept the submittal.

Give Details of Your Acceptance and Where to Store the Data in the Cloud

  1. You are now prompted to save a copy of the inspection data into your own Pioneer account

  2. Provide a new Project name - this allows you to organize the data however you prefer

  3. Once "Accept" is clicked, a copy is saved on your account

  4. Note: only 1 accepter has to approve, not all of them

Inspections are Stored on the Accepter's Account

Important note: a copy is made of the inspections, such that each party (the submitting organization and the recipient organization) has ownership of a unique copy for their own manipulation or download.

We do store a record of the connection between the original and the copied inspection, but making a change - e.g. deleting an observation - after the moment of acceptance does not affect the other party's data. Just like if I were to lose a flash drive or update a database AFTER taking receipt of a traditional submittal. If either party were to leave Pioneer, the other is not affected.

Accepted Inspections are Visible in the Pioneer Main Dashboard

Accepted inspections are now saved with your project name and visible on the main dashboard, aka the Inspections page.

Download What You Need

Pulling data off PIONEER on-demand is simple.

Select the inspections, click Download, and decide what you need. Animation below:

Here are the individual steps to take in Pioneer to download data:

  1. Select inspections with the tick-boxes or filters.

  2. Click "Download [#] items"

  3. Choose the file types you want to include in your download package

  4. Name the download (optional)

  5. Click "Package"

  6. Await completion of the download package

    1. Note: Videos, and especially Videos with Annotations, will take longer than databases and still images

  7. Click the cloud download icon next to your package

  8. Select a Save To location

  9. Accept browser permissions

  10. Monitor progress

  11. Open the files on your local drive

All Parties are Notified via Email

The person who initiated the submittal and all invited accepters all get an email notification and a Pioneer notification that the submittal was accepted.

Need Help?

Once you have logged in, you can always contact us with live chat in the bottom right of your screen

or feel free to email us at [email protected]

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