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Digital Submittals

Understand the digital submittal functionality to create, send and approve final deliverables

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What is a Digital Submittal?

A digital submittal is a newfangled way of doing an old-fashioned thing: submitting final inspection data to the end customer.

In Pioneer, you can send data to the owner, request acceptance, get notified of acceptance, transfer that data, and download reports, all without a single piece of removable media.

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Creating a Digital Submittal

  1. Select any data set in Pioneer you want to submit. That can be a single "Project," but doesn't have to be. It can be multiple projects or part of a project.

  2. Typically, if you are using AutoCode, you would want to filter for work that is "AutoCode Complete"

  3. Use the tick boxes to select individual inspections, or just move to the next step to submit everything filtered on the page.

  4. Tap the "Digital Submittal" share icon in the center of the page

Submittal Name and Recipients

  1. Enter a name for the submittal that you want your recipients to see. This does not need to match the originating project name

  2. Select recipients. You can either:

    1. Select from a dropdown of existing users with access to your account - this includes previously invited "view" users

    2. Type any email address of anyone you need to submit to. Press Enter after each. Note: these approvers need not be existing Pioneer users. They will be invited to sign up.

User Receives Submittal Review Email

Every approver will get an email notifying them of the request.

Approver Creates a Login if Needed

If the approver is not already a Pioneer user, they are taken through the sign up / login flow.

Submittals Page

The Submittals page has two tabs or sections

  1. Submittals that need your approval

  2. Submittals you created

Review and Accept

  1. Approvers can use the "magnifying glass" icon to drill into individual inspections on the set

  2. They can make "Review Tasks" as desired

  3. When they are ready, any approver can click the big Thumbs Up "Accept" button

Accept and Copy Into Approver's Account

  1. The approver is now prompted to save a copy of the data into their own account

  2. Provide a new Project name - this is so the end user can organize the data however they prefer

  3. Once "Accept" is clicked, a copy is saved on the recipient's account

  4. Note: only 1 accepter has to approve, not all of them

Inspections are Stored on the Accepter's Account

Important note: a copy is made of the inspections, such that each party (the submitting organization and the recipient organization) has ownership of a unique copy for their alteration or download.

We do store a record of the connection between the original and the copied inspection, but making a change - e.g. deleting an observation - after the moment of acceptance, does not affect the other party's data. Just like if I were to lose a flash drive or update a database AFTER handing off a traditional submittal. If either party were to leave Pioneer, the other is not affected.

Accepted Inspections are Visible in the Pioneer Main Dashboard

Accepted inspections are now saved with whatever the accepted provided and stored in the account.

Parties are Notified via Email

The Submittal initiator, other Admins, and invited accepters all get an email notification that the submittal was accepted.

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