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Download or stream your Digital Submittals in PIONEER
Download or stream your Digital Submittals in PIONEER

You can now do more with Digital Submittals: download, accept, and save to your account or stream on the web.

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We're excited to announce a significant update to PIONEER's Digital Submittals. Now, you can download and share zipped submittals, adding a layer of flexibility to your workflow. This new feature complements the existing options to accept and save submittals to your PIONEER account, and the ability to stream them online.

In testing, users found the "grab and go" nature of the ZIP file, plus the ability to easily share it onward, without a login, helpful/

Our goal with these enhancements is to simplify your workflow and enhance your control over the access and management of submittals.

Receiving a Submittal

When you receive a submittal you will get an email like this one:

When you click on the "Review Inspections" button, you will be directed to a landing page where you can either download the ZIP right away, log in, or create an account if needed.

If you provide your email address (it will be prefilled if you are logged in) you can directly download a ZIP file that contains

  • MDB database

  • Videos

  • PDF Reports

  • Snapshots

You can also use "Copy Link" to share that ZIP file onward.

If you are a previous Pioneer user, you can click our logo in the top left to go right to the Submittals page.

On the submittals page, you will notice now there are 3 actionable options:

Accept & Save: To accept the submittal and save a copy of the data to your own organization's PIONEER account. From there, you can stream and edit the video, and also create custom downloads (say, just the PDF reports, or videos with audio annotations).

Download Package: This action downloads the same pre-zipped package of the submittal shown on the landing page, right to your local hard drive.

Stream Inspections: You can see the inspection data and stream the video right in your browser data by clicking the magnifying glass icon on the far right of the page. Until you Accept, you are a "View" user on the data sent to you, and cannot make edits.

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