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Create a Digital Submittal with ZIP Files
Create a Digital Submittal with ZIP Files
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  1. Filter and/or select the inspections you want to submit

Important Note regarding outstanding Issues

  • you cannot Digitally Submit inspections with pending validation issues; the system will block you

  • to prevent this, you can pre-screen for inspections with "No Issues" or use the "With Issues" filter to make any corrections needed. Find those under the Advanced Filters funnel icon

2. Enter the information for the recipients you want to receive the Submittal

3. The recipient will get an email notification like the below.

4. When they click the included link, they will be taken to a landing page where they can download the submittal contents directly, after entering their email address.

YOU (the sender) can get to this same landing page by visiting the submittals page and clicking the revised "Download" icon on the right

5. Here is what the recipient sees on the landing page

6. Once the user unzips the file, they get a standard package of inspection data - a database, videos, PDF reports and photographs.

Note: for now, these videos do not have Audio annotations.

7. If the recipient - or anyone else - Downloads the ZIP package, you (the sender) will see an indicator on the submittals page that they did so:

8. If the recipient is already a user of PIONEER - or later signs up for one - they can visit the Submittals page to see all their ZIP files for download, but they do not have to possess a PIONEER login to get the data.

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