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"Bulk Edits" of Header Fields Using CSV
"Bulk Edits" of Header Fields Using CSV

How to rapidly edit large quantities of data in PIONEER

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Do you need to make large-scale corrections to data stored in PIONEER? We are making that easy to do using a Spreadsheet.

It's an easy 6-step process. Watch the video below or read this article.

For example, let's say you want to change all the values of "Purpose" for a project.

1) Filter your data set in PIONEER to the data you wish to correct, e.g. a certain Project.

2) Add columns for any fields you are going to want to edit to your dashboard by using the "Gear" icon on the right of the main table

3) Export your data to CSV using the 3 dots "..." just above that

4) Open the resulting CSV file in a spreadsheet editor and make your data changes

The only key columns are

  • "sid" - that's our unique inspection identifier

  • whatever columns you want to edit

You can delete any columns you don't need or just leave them.

You can use the NASSCO "codes" for things, or the longhand descriptions.

In my example. let's say I want to make every "Purpose" starting at row 4 "Post Rehabilitation Survey," which NASSCO uses "C" for.

5) Upload the edited using "Add Bulk Inspections" and our CSV import tool

Click "Add Bulk Inspections" on the dashboard (alternatively, you can do this via the Project page).

Choose a Project and Inspection Type.

Click "Import CSV"

6) Drag and Drop your edited sheet and follow the prompts.

You can click "Ignore" on any fields you aren't editing. or re-import them, it won't hurt. Just make sure to keep "SID" in the list.

You can actually manually make last-minute changes right in the CSV importer, by clicking into a cell.

Click "Finish" and your data will be updated!

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