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Adding More Users to Your Account
Adding More Users to Your Account

Methods for an administrator to invite and add users to view data

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One of Pioneer's superpowers is the ability to quickly share data with other people anywhere in the world, including streaming inspection videos.

There are several ways you can add users to your account. This applies whether the individuals are inside your organization or third parties you collaborate with.

The BEST solution to add View users

If you are the account Administrator, you can directly add users from Pioneer.

  1. Click the "Account" section at the bottom of the left-hand navigation.

2. Once inside, go to the "User Access" section and click "Add New User"

3. Provide an email address (required) and name (not required)

4. Decide if the user will have access to all data in the Account (default) or specific projects. You can type existing project names if you want to limit acccess.

5. Add more users as you need, and then click "Invite."

6. The users will get an email invitation to Pioneer

Important Note Regarding Inspector Seats:

Because SewerAI subscriptions include a limited number of "Inspector" (aka Edit) seats, right now this path only provides for the addition of "View" user rights.

If you need one of your invited users converted to an Inspector, please contact us.

A Secondary Solution - Contact Us

You can always contact SewerAI directly to have us add users to your account. Please specify:

  • user email address

  • whether the user needs "Account" or "Project" access. If "Project" we need the names of the projects

The Less Ideal Solution - Self-Signup

As you may know, we allow anyone to create a trial account on Pioneer. Members of your team may "self sign up." Because we take data privacy seriously, they will not automatically be granted access to your organization's data.

Self-signup users, will initially be cordoned to their own demo account. This can be confusing for them.

You will need to do either of the above solutions after the fact - add the user via the Account management section, or contact us - to grant them revised data access permissions.

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