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Point Clouds for Maintenance Holes in Pioneer
Point Clouds for Maintenance Holes in Pioneer

How to utilize a "point cloud" view of a 360 inspection

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The "point cloud" can be a powerful view for assessing the shape of and taking measurements of a maintenance hole (aka manhole).

A point cloud is generated out of data in a 360 video.

  1. Seeing the Point Cloud: in Pioneer, you expose the Point Cloud with the module icon on our screen that looks like a raincloud:

2. Zoom

To Zoom in and out of the point cloud, use

a. Mouse scroll wheel

b. "Pinch and zoom" gesture on a trackpad

3. Rotate

Click, hold and drag to rotate the image

4. Top View

Click "Top View" to take a top look at the MH

The Red Ball represents the top and center of the maintenance hole.

5. Taking Measurements

Click first one point, then another point, to take a measurement of the distance (in inches) between them. An orange line will be drawn indicating your measurement path.

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