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Downloading Inspections and Submittals
Downloading Inspections and Submittals

Simple steps to download data, videos and inspection submittals from Pioneer

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Pioneer allows you to download your data with a few simple clicks.

Permissions Needed

1) Make sure your organization is enabled for data Downloads: this means having a paid plan with SewerAI. We do not enable submittal downloads for demonstration accounts.

To sign up, contact us at + 1 (855) 952-2200 or [email protected]

2) Make sure your personal account has "Inspector" or "Administrator" rights: "View Only" users cannot download data. Contact your account admin for help. If you try the steps below without enough permissions, the "Download" button will remain greyed out.

Steps to Download

Watch this animation for all the steps.

Here are the individual steps to take in Pioneer to download data:

  1. Select inspections with the tick-boxes or filters.

  2. Click "Download [#] items"

  3. Choose the file types you want to include in your download package

  4. Name the download (optional)

  5. Click "Package"

  6. Await completion of the download package

    1. Note: Videos, and especially Videos with Annotations, will take longer than databases and still images

  7. Click the cloud download icon next to your package

  8. Select a Save To location

  9. Accept browser permissions

  10. Monitor progress

  11. Open the files on your local drive

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