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Inspection Statuses on our site
Inspection Statuses on our site

What are the different statuses an inspection / video can have?

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SewerAI's Pioneer™ uses a limited set of statuses to communicate where your inspection video is in the process of being uploaded and coded. They are:

Queued means: we have created an entry in our system for your inspection, but the video is waiting to be uploaded or no video was ever found to match that inspection row. Any header or condition data from your database should be visible in Pioneer.

Ingesting means: the video has arrived on Pioneer and we are "transcoding" it; that is, processing the video file to store it. You should not yet view the video in this state.

Uploaded means: the inspection and video are securely stored in our system. At this point you should be able to view, play and manipulate the video and inspection data, including manually coding if you have permission.

AutoCode Running means: someone SewerAI is providing condition assessment on this inspection, using a combination of our artificial intelligence and human labelers. You may have initiated this from the software, or via direct communication with us. Header and condition data would be partial at this point, but you can view the video yourself.

AutoCode Complete means: SewerAI's condition assessment of your video and inspection is complete per the parameters of your arrangement with us; typically "full" NASSCO coding, but other options are possible. We invite you to view the video and results. It is ready for Download.

Reviewed means: someone on your team marked this inspection "reviewed" by using the button on the inspection page. You can define this however you like; it might be part of a QA/QC process, or just a reminder to self that you did watch this video. Note: you can press "reviewed" prior to one of the other stages happening.

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