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Using AutoCode (AI-powered labeling)
Using AutoCode (AI-powered labeling)

How to enable and select videos for computer vision condition assessment

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You want to leverage the power of our Artificial Intelligence to improve the speed and quality of your condition assessment? Great!

Our computer vision / AI system is called AutoCode™.

1) Make sure your Account is enabled for AutoCode, which means having a paid plan with SewerAI. We do not enable AutoCode for demonstration accounts.

To sign up, contact us at + 1 (855) 952-2200 or [email protected]

2) Select the inspections you want to run AI / AutoCode on

3) Click the "AutoCode [#]" button

It's that simple.

The Status of those inspections will change to "AutoCode Running."

If you have Notifications enabled, you will get an alert in your browser when the inspections have finished being QA/QC'd by our team.

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