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Uploading Inspections

Tutorial for loading data into Pioneer

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Pioneer is only as powerful as the data you provide. Following is a video and step-by-step tutorial of how to use our Upload process.

(Important note: our file uploader only works in Chrome and Edge browsers.

Two Minute Video Tutorial

Step by Step Instructions

FIRST, on your Computer, to prepare to upload inspections to Pioneer:

  1. Select the inspections you want to provide in your favorite sewer inspection software. CCTV or sidescan footage are both OK

  2. Export those inspections. Preferably include:

  • Database: an Exchange MDB database, v6 or v7 - currently we only accept NASSCO Exchange .mdb files as databases

  • Videos - nearly any Video file format under the sun is OK

  • Distance (.txt) files - if your software provides them

Put all that content into a Folder somewhere on your hard drive or servers. For example, this folder has 1 .mdb and 2 videos.

SECOND, to upload inspections:

(You must have Edit privileges. If you need more access, please contact your Site Admin or reach out to SewerAI in the chat).

There are Upload buttons in several places on the site

1) Name the "Project" you want to add your content to, or select an existing one.

You can create a new Project simply by typing in the box and pressing "Enter" or clicking the new name.

  • We recommend you use a combination of Work Order or PO + City + Date, e.g "WO135 - Lincoln - Jan 30"

2) Choose the type of inspection, i.e PACP, LACP, MACP and the software used to export the inspections

3) Click "Select Folder"

  • Point at the "parent" folder of all the content you prepared. That is, the top-level folder that has the database, Videos, snapshots and distance files under it

4) Allow the browser to "View Files"

8) Confirm the files that appear in the list are what you want to transmit; use the "X" to remove anything unnecessary (especially extra databases)

9) Click "Upload"

10) Watch the Progress. Large video files can take a while, especially on slower bandwith. Feel free to navigate back to your "All" inspections or do work in other tabs. It's helpful if you don't close the Pioneer tab or shut down your computer, though we do have protections to Resume your upload.

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