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Signup and Login to Pioneer

How to access our site

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The homepage for our Pioneer platform is:

You have the option of email and password sign in, or Google sign on.

If you already have an identity in our system because someone from the SewerAI team invited you, please use that specific email address to log in, or let us know if it needs to be changed.

First Time Login

Whether your organization is doing business with us or you are taking the system for a demo spin, welcome!

You can sign in one of two ways:

a. Google Sign In: simply click the "Continue with Google" button and select the proper email address

b. Email and Password: you will actually need to click "Sign Up" the first time and follow the prompts. Enter your email address and create a password. You will be sent a verification email you need to click on. Voila! You are in.

Information We Need at Your First Login

The first time you log in, we will ask you for some basic information.

You must provide an organization, phone number, and accept our Terms and Conditions.

We request your NASSCO PACP certification information if you have it. As we are NASSCO-certified software, you must provide this to be able to Edit inspections.

What You Will Have Access To

If you are part of an organization already doing business with SewerAI, you will have been granted access to your team's Account and most likely, any data present already. It's up to the account admin to let us know if you are an "Inspector" - who can upload and download data, and edit inspections - or a "Viewer" - who can only see what's there.

If you are signing yourself up for a demo, a new organization will be created, and you will have the ability to upload up to 100GB of data, but not run AutoCode - our AI labeling - or download data for submittal. You can review videos and manually code inspections.

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